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As reported earlier in this newsletter, after 14 years as Director of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Administrative District Council of New Jersey and 33 years of BAC membership, Richard E. Tolson has retired.

In June of 2006, after a 2 plus year receivership, the International Union formed the ADC of NJ, appointing Rich as Director. As many of you are aware, Locals 4, 5 & 2 did not always have the best relationship. Rich was tasked with bringing 3 locals together under one umbrella and dealing with multiple personalities and issues. After some time, …


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Dear Fellow Members:

Over the past several months, we’ve been forced to experience a change in our day to day, affecting us locally, as well as, globally. The disruptive COVID-19 has created a mindset, that has at times caused an agitating, distressful, and worrisome environment, which we’ve all had to battle, in various ways. Though this subject matter has affected us all, we still had to endure the day to day functionality of our work-place, our home, and social lives. With this writing, I’m hoping that everyone has been able to come through unscathed. The life and business models that …

Build Better for Fire Safety

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A raging fire, reportedly with 100 ft. high flames, engulfed the Avalon River Mews luxury condominium complex in Edgewater, NJ in the year 2000.  The complex, which was nearing completion of construction at the time, was destroyed.  Residents from eight nearby homes had to be evacuated as the intense fire continued to spread. Some residents scrambled to get family members, pets, belongings and cherished memories out of their homes, while some were so stunned they didn’t know what to do.  Miraculously, there was no loss of life.

More destruction previously occurred in 2015 when another massive inferno spread through apartments …

Construction Industry Ruled Exempt from Industy Related Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs)

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The U.S. Department of Labor Issues Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPS) Final Rule Exempting the Construction Industry

The U.S. Department of Labor’s final rule published on March 11, 2020 and effective May 11, 2020 will help expand apprenticeship programs in the United States by establishing a system to advance the development of quality IRAPs while exempting the construction industry.

The construction industry has been successfully managing widespread and privately financed DOL registered apprenticeship programs for over 80 years, therefore the department concluded that the construction industry does not need to be included in the plan.  The DOL received close to …

There’s Snow Day like Masonry Day

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On December 3, 2019 the weather may not have been perfect but our Masonry Day & Rainscreen Expo, packed with education, networking & good food, certainly was.  

The day started out with our Membership Meeting which was filled with industry updates from Keynote Speakers; Andrew Yosha, NJSDA and Kevin Triplett, NJ Department of Labor, as well as Fred Kinateder, Sr., Kinateder Consulting, LLC, Roy Ingraffia, Jr., IMI, Dan Siteman, IMI and Matthew Aquiline, ICE of BAC.

Following our Meeting, Seminars were held; Designer Education (approved for 3.0 LU/HSW) with Dan Siteman, IMI and Contractor Education with Fred Kinateder, Kinateder Consulting, …

NJDOL Issues Guidance to Employers on “No Match” Letters

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NJDOL and Attorney General Issue Guidance to Employers on “No Match” Letters

Last March, the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) began sending tens of thousands of employers  “Employer Correction Request” and “no-match” letters when some of their employees’ names and Social Security numbers in their Form W-2s didn’t match what’s on file with the SSA.

On March 9, 2020 Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal,  DOL and Workforce Development Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo and Division on Civil Rights Director Rachel Wainer Apter issued  guidance for employers:

“The State’s guidance advises employers to avoid taking adverse action against an employee – including laying …

Legislative Package Signed by Governor Murphy to Crack Down on Worker Misclassifiacation

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Governor Murphy Signs Sweeping Legislative Package to Combat Worker Misclassification and Exploitation

Six bills were signed into law by Governor Murphy in January 2020 to crack down on misclassifying workers as independent contractors and other wage and hour violations:

A5838 – “Concerns Stop-Work Orders”

S4228 – “Concerns Tax Data Sharing between State Treasury and DOLWD”

A5839 – “Concerns Penalties for Misclassification of Employees”

A5843 – “Requires Employers to Post Notice for Employees on Employee Misclassification”

A5840 – “Concerns Joint Liability for Payment of Employer Tax Law”

S4226 – “Permits Department of Labor and Workforce Development to post information of person …

INDUSTRY CONFERENCES – The Association and The Union Working Together

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By gaining a better understanding of common interests and challenges, locally and across the country, Labor and Management can establish methods and best practices to enhance the economic growth and competitiveness of the unionized masonry industry.

The collaboration of Labor and Management is an ongoing initiative for all stakeholders; contractors, union, craftworkers and the general public.





ICE is the only wholly union international masonry contractors’ association, representing approximately 3,000 signatory contractors who perform, brick, block, stone, …


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Ron Atzert, owner of American Masonry Corporation and one of Masonry Contractors of New Jersey’s Officers was a judge for the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 Competition on February 5th during the 2020 World of Concrete/World of Masonry event. Thank you to Ron for representing union masonry and the state of New Jersey.

During the competition 26 teams of one mason and one mason tender were tasked with building a 26’ 8”, double wythe brick wall in 60 minutes.  The walls were judged by 30 masonry experts using 10 sets of craftsmanship requirements, including quality and most bricks laid.  Mason Fred …


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Did you know that CPR Certification is required every two years and First Aid Certification is required every three years? Are you up to date with your Certifications? When was the last time your employees attended the courses?

Masonry Contractors of New Jersey offers classes every year in late Winter/early Spring.  The classes are conducted by a representative from SAVE a LIFE, INC. and are offered to the Association’s Contractor Members & their employees free of charge.

The classes are held in both the Fairfield and Bordentown BAC/IMI Training Centers with dinner provided by Masonry Contractors of New Jersey, followed …