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  • July 6, 2020

Dear Fellow Members:

Over the past several months, we’ve been forced to experience a change in our day to day, affecting us locally, as well as, globally. The disruptive COVID-19 has created a mindset, that has at times caused an agitating, distressful, and worrisome environment, which we’ve all had to battle, in various ways. Though this subject matter has affected us all, we still had to endure the day to day functionality of our work-place, our home, and social lives. With this writing, I’m hoping that everyone has been able to come through unscathed. The life and business models that we structure for ourselves, allow us to live our day to day, but should also prepare us for the worst possible scenario….and not necessarily a pandemic, but….

That being said, since 13 March 2020, there have been (2) two shining stars that have kept us continually apprised of the C-19 pandemic protocol, allowing us to become, and stay more aware of what to anticipate, along with guidelines/expectations of the criteria set forth by the powers that be in Trenton and Washington, D.C. They also became very creative, and more importantly, uplifting, by providing us with their Monday morning comedic relief. Carol Ciesielski, Executive Director, and her very efficient “Accomplice” CarrieAnn Bajkowsky-Nilsen, of Masonry Contractors of New Jersey have been at the forefront of providing continuous, effective updates, regarding Executive Orders, PPP, CARE, etc. A tremendous “THANK YOU” should be offered.

As we should be reminded and made aware, the importance of the Masonry Contractors of New Jersey, as taken directly from their Mission Statement, “is to establish a high standard of business ethics, to promote the advantages of masonry design and union construction, to foster communication and collaboration with labor, owners and designers, and to provide for the exchange of ideas among our members and the industry at large.” As a proud member of the Organization for many years, I can say that the representation by Carol and CarrieAnn, are truly indicative of what Masonry Contractors of New Jersey represents, as they have followed their Mission Statement to the tee!

In closing, I thank you, for all your efforts throughout the past (14) Fourteen weeks, and know that I can count on your continued representation. To all my Fellow Members, thank you for remaining resilient. Stay well!

Respectfully and Thankfully Submitted,

Gregory J. Waga, AIA, RA

Waga Enterprises-Architects, LLC