The Masonry Contractors of New Jersey continues to be a source of support for union masonry contractors, as well as suppliers, manufacturers, architects, and engineers in the masonry industry through our membership meetings, seminars and safety training courses. We look forward to working with our colleagues, partners and members in order to help foster market development, support continued membership growth and accomplish our many goals.

The Association has been working closely with our union partners on special market recovery agreements in order to recapture the lost construction market and help union contractors be more competitive.

Masonry Contractors of New Jersey strives to communicate the advantage of sustainable, economical masonry construction and the utilization of union masonry contractors and trained, skilled craftworkers.

I am thankful for the opportunity, and greatly honored to follow in the footsteps of Michael Schmerbeck, to serve as the President of the Masonry Contractors of New Jersey. Together with Carol Ciesielski, we hope to bring a brighter future.