Masonry Contractors of New Jersey, New Jersey Chapter I.C.E. is a not-for-profit Trade Association that was formed in 1992 by New Jersey’s leading union masonry contractors, manufacturers and suppliers to address the continuing concerns about the future of union masonry construction.

We have experienced significant growth since our formation to include architect and engineering firms as well as other organizations that provide a service to the masonry industry. We now stand over 150 members strong and are well established as a premier masonry industry trade association with local and national recognition.

Masonry Contractors of New Jersey is the Association in New Jersey for the unionized masonry construction industry.

Masonry Contractors of New Jersey is dedicated to promoting the advantages and benefits of masonry design and quality union masonry construction throughout the State of New Jersey. The Association represents the interests of our members, promotes the industry as a whole and remains dedicated to our purposes and objectives.

Our purposes and objectives include:

  • Maintain the standards of the union masonry contracting business and to establish members in the public mind as professionals who fulfill obligations with consummate skill and in good faith.
  • Engage in collective bargaining to eliminate work stoppages and to standardize and coordinate contracts so the respective interests of all parties and the public are properly protected.
  • Educate owners, designers, contractors and craftworkers engaging in masonry construction about material specifications, proper installation techniques and new materials and systems.
  • Promote safety and accident prevention programs.
  • Sponsor educational activities and research and development within the industry.

The Association brings together those businesses and individuals engaged in the industry to exchange ideas to effectively promote and preserve the future of the trade in New Jersey.

Michael Schmerbeck, President

As one of the founding fathers of Masonry Contractors of New Jersey, New Jersey Chapter I.C.E, having served as its first Association President over twenty years ago, it is an honor to be nominated by the Board of Directors and elected by the membership to serve once again as President for the current term.

I encourage all of our members to be active and bring good, positive ideas to our attention. With our combined ideas, experience, skills and knowledge, we can collaborate with our industry colleagues to stay true to our mission: to represent the interests of our members and to promote union masonry construction throughout the state.

I am also honored to Co-Chair the International Masonry Institute Board of Directors, a group that has demonstrated both great energy and enthusiasm to advance our trade into the future with their training and marketing programs.

New Jersey’s voice is well represented on a national level and our resolve is stronger than ever to lead the charge and gain a competitive edge. We know we build better – quality union masonry construction completed on time and on budget.

I encourage you to reach out to me, or any of our directors, with your questions and feedback so we can help our industry succeed.  Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Association President.

Michael Schmerbeck, President
Back Brook Masonry

John Slazyk, Vice President
Schnell Contracting Limited, LLC

Ron Atzert, Secretary/Treasurer
American Masonry Corp.

Joe Dooley, Trustee at Large
Dooley & Kretschman, Inc.