Bill No. S2577: Stop-Work Order — Signed into Law

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  • July 10, 2019

Bill No. S2557, which concerns stop-work orders related to prevailing wage and construction worker employment, was passed in both houses with a vote of 37-1 and on July 9, 2019, was signed by the Governor to take effect immediately.

Contractors that are violating prevailing wage or any wage & hour laws are cheating their workers, law abiding contractors, and the State of New Jersey.

Bill No. S2557 provides the Commissioner of Labor & Workforce Development the ability to investigate unfair business practices and issue stop-work orders.

Noted are some of the Bill’s regulations:

  • The Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development upon receipt of any complaint or through a routine investigation for a violation of any wage and hour law may enter the place of business or employment of any employer to determine compliance with the wage and hour laws or other laws, and may examine payroll and other records and interview employees, call hearings, administer oaths, take testimony under oath and take depositions.
  • If a Stop Work Order has been issued against a sub-contractor, the general contractor will retain the right to terminate the sub-contractor from the project.
  • The Commissioner may asses a civil penalty of $5,000 per day against an employer for each day that it conducts business operations that are in violation of the stop-work order.


* Masonry Contractors of New Jersey supported this legislation.