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  • November 21, 2019

The 2019 Annual ICE Meetings were held on October 29 – 30 in Washington, DC.  Both days were filled with information on many topics affecting our industry today.  Attendees walked away much more informed than when they first sat down on topics such as new technologies, silica evaluation and respirator programs, safety and ergonomics training, avoiding water infiltration claims through systemic approach and more.

Additionally, presentations covered:

  • Collective Bargaining Data from across the country
  • Trends in Fund Investments
  • I-9 and undocumented workers
  • Succession Planning
  • IMI’s Contractor College
  • Variable defined Pension Plans
  • Business-Cycle & Growth Cycle Trend Analysis

We are always honored when someone from the International level speaks at our meetings.  This year both IMI’s Caryn Halifax and the IUBAC’s Tim Driscoll joined the meetings and shared information.

Caryn Halifax, President of IMI, spoke about what IMI and IMTEF do for Signatory Contractors, BAC members and Designers.  Caryn also told the group about the first Apprentice Coordinator Conference held the week prior.  Fifty-five Apprentice Coordinators from across the country discussed “Best Practices”, “Mentoring Programs” as well as “New Technologies and Training”.

Tim Driscoll, IUBAC Secretary/Treasurer discussed the growth of membership year over year.  The two greatest challenges they have across the country are; dwindling market share and leveling the playing field. The IUBAC and their locals remain dedicated to tackling these issues.

Between the meetings, networking and excellent presentations that were given there were enjoyable and memorable activities.  This year the group took a bus ride to Alexandria, VA; which included appetizers & refreshments as well as games & prizes.  Once in Virginia the group continued the evening with a Tour and Dinner.  To keep in the Halloween Spirit how could this year’s tour not be the Old Town Alexandria’s Ghost & Graveyard Tour?   The fresh air from the evening walk got everyone’s appetite ready for the delicious meal that followed at Landini Brothers Restaurant.

The Annual Eugene George Awards Dinner was at the Marriott Wardman Hotel in Washington, DC.   This year over 160 were in attendance to honor both Bob Arnold, IMTEF, as the Industry Person of the Year & William McConnell, Architectural Paving & Stone, with the Dedication Award.   Congratulations to Bob & William.

The 2020 Annual ICE Meeting will surely be just as informative and memorable, if not more so, and on behalf of ICE and Masonry Contractors of New Jersey we hope to see you there.